Topography of Terrors

Today I went to check out Topography of Terrors.  It’s located on the same grounds as the Gestapo and SS were back during WW2 and houses a small park and exhibits of the things the Nazis did while they were in power.

In the park outside there is a section of the Berlin wall and just below that is an entire timeline of Warsaw throughout WW2.  The whole stretch covers just the impact on Warsaw and no other area.

Once you get inside the museum it covers more in-depth what was done in all areas under Nazi control.  It covers the people in charge, the death camps, the marches, traveling death vans, and mass shootings.

Inside there was also an exhibit on Hans Bayer (also known as Thaddäus Troll) who was a war reporter.  It talks about his life and duties reporting on the war and how the propaganda machine for the Germans worked during the war.  After the war he changed his name to Thaddäus Troll and published many books including a cook book and a children’s book.  He kept his duties during the war secret for years.

After all that terror it was time for dinner.  There was a Mexican place around the corner so I stopped in for some Fajitas.  Not quite the same as they are in the US but they were good.

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