Brainimus and the Chocolate Factory

It was a rainy day so we headed into Cologne to checkout the Chocolate Museum and then a festival that was going on.  We parked in a garage and headed to the museum.  The museum covers the history of chocolate, how it’s made, fair trade, and things that are added to it (like spices).  You get to wander through the exhibit and even into a tropical garden.  The garden is heated so it was like walking around in Florida.

Once you’re done looking at the exhibit you can go and see chocolate being made and packaged.  When we got there the only part of the line that was running was the packaging portion.  They also had a machine that made hollow chocolate and a giant chocolate fountain from which they gave you samples.  You could also design your own chocolate bar by filling out a form with toppings that you wanted and they would make it for you while you waited.

After we were done with the museum it was off to check out the festival.  By the time we got there it had already finished though so we decided to stop and get some beers.  We stopped in at the Früh brewery.  The building is a maze.  I had no idea how to get in or out and I think we sat in a basement.  One thing to note about the place is once you’re done with a beer they keep bringing them until you tell them to stop.  We had a few then had to get back for dinner.

The dinner plans was a Bavarian evening to prepare me for Munich.  There was sausage and beer and sauerkraut.  I ate way to much but it was all delicious!

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  1. Barbara Fisher

    I hope Marsha is reading this because we didn’t make it Cologne, but now that we know there is a chocolate factory it will be on the itinerary if we get back to Germany.