Since the weather was decent I decided to hop on a train and head in the other direction from Berlin today.  I headed towards Potsdam and Sanssouci.  After some trouble figuring out how to get there since some of the train lines were under construction and closed I finally ended up at the Potsdam train station.  I wandered around a bit and then found a map that lead me to the park.

Sanssouci park is big; almost as big as the Tiergarten.  I wandered around for a while looking for the Neues Palais.  I wanted to take the tour of the Neues Palais but of course it was closed for renovation.  I wandered around the park for a while checking out the other buildings in the park.

Since I had to take a few different trains to get here and I wasn’t sure when they stopped running I headed home early plus I was tired of walking.  No crazy adventure on my way back which was good.

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