Rain, Laundry, and Tea

Out of (clean) clothes… I had hoped to do laundry on a rainy day so I wouldn’t miss out exploring the city.  Today was an ok day for that.  The thing that really helped today is the fact that I am completely congested.  I had a sore throat for a day or so and though it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water (beer is mostly water right?) but today I can’t breathe.  Since I wasn’t feeling so great and the weather wasn’t awesome and I needed to laundry anyways, I did.  Had to figure out a weird coin laundry system in the basement (nicknamed “The Cave”) of the complex I’m in but I managed to get enough clothes to finish out my trip.  I forgot to take pictures of it but I’ll get some and update this post.

Other than that I took it easy today.  Ventured out to get some food but that was about it.  Hopefully I can breath tomorrow and the weather is nice.  I still need to check out the palace here and BMW world.

2 Responses to “Rain, Laundry, and Tea”

  1. Beyond jealous of your adventures. Minus the running out of clean clothes part. That part is a little boring 😉 Oh and don’t worry, the allergy thing is just as bad here…

  2. Ryan Schram

    Stock-up on those awesome EU-approved cold medications that we can’t get here at home! 🙂 They’ll flush the stuff right out of your system.