Woke up early (for me while traveling) to catch a bus to Zugspitze, “Top of Germany”.  The bus ride out was almost 2 hours and we ran into some traffic on the Autobahn (yes it does happen).  On the way we did stop at a church/monastery and since it was Sunday they were having service.  I couldn’t take any photos inside but I got a few out the building.  After that it was back on the bus to get a cable car to the top.

They pile a bunch of people into the cable car at the bottom of the mountain and then off you go.  The scenery from the car is wonderful and you start off going mostly horizontally then it turns into almost and all vertical trip.  It stops at the top of the mountain just next to the actual summit.

Once you get out of the car there are spectacular views and you can see multiple countries from the top.  I was told to make sure to check the weather (which I did) to make sure it would be clear.  The weather was wonderful and actually a bit warm for all the walking and climbing.  The mountain has a few “landmarks” at the top such as Germany’s highest Maypole and a church.

We spent a bit of time on the mountain and while we were up there we stopped for lunch.  I opted for the curry wurst.  It wasn’t long before we had to catch the train down the mountain.

The train is pretty normal except for about the first half an hour down the mountain you are in a tunnel and for most of its time it’s a cog railway.  The ride itself was pretty uneventful but it does go through some Bavarian countryside.

After that it was a bus ride back into the city.


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