Listening to a Sheng

Don’t worry, I had no idea what a Sheng was either and it sure is interesting to hear.  September 2-22 is Musicfest Berlin.  There are all sorts of musical events occurring around the city and one of them is lunchtime performances at the Berliner Philharmoniker (free).  Since they are free I decided to check it out.  After I got lost and asked for directions I finally found the building.  I then walked all the way around the building until I finally found the entrance.

By the time I got there the performance had already started.  It was a trio including the Sheng, Violin, and Double Bass.  They played for about an hour and it was awesome.  The event is held in the foyer so there is limited space and seating but it was packed.  I was also probably the youngest in the room.  They play various different pieces mainly showcasing the Sheng.

After the performance I headed out to Charlottenburg Palace.  I spent the afternoon there doing the tour of the palace (no photos allowed in the palace) and the gardens.  Apparently most of the palace and it’s furnishings were destroyed in WW2 so most of the items in the palace were from other estates.  With that said it was still an awesome sight.

After walking around the palace in the afternoon it was time for some dinner.  Obligatory schnitzel photo for Marty.  🙂

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