It’s my last real day in Berlin and I’ve got one last thing to do before I leave.  Berlin has a giant TV Tower (Fernsehturm) that has an observation level at the top.  I decided to head on up.

Once I found the entrance (it’s not clearly marked) I got my ticket and got in line.  Right in front of me though was this extremely rude group of older people; I’m guessing a tour group.  One lady was handing out tickets and the others in the group where pushing and shouting to get theirs.  I managed to push my way through the wolf pack and get to the elevator.

The elevators hold 13 people at a time but not comfortably.  The guide explains stuff about the tower and there is a glass ceiling in the elevator so you can watch as you go to the top.  I believe the elevator travels at 6 m/s.  Once at the top you have a great view of the city.  It was a bit hazy when I was there but you could still find many of the sites I’d previously visited.

After the tower it was off to find some food and head back to the house.  I want to be packed and ready in the morning to catch my plane.

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