Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is an amazing site.  When you approach it you see an entire city block of “stelae” or these gray stones protruding out of the ground.  You can wander through them and as you approach the middle they get taller until they are a few feet/meters above your head.

After you done wandering through the field of stelae you can go below them into the exhibit.  You have to go through a security check (probably because you’re underground right next to embassies) and then you can wander through the exhibit.  It outlines the people and even some specific families that were victims of the holocaust and the places where the killings occurred.  It’s a very morbid place but very interesting.  Like many other museums no photos were allowed inside.

By the time I left it was getting dark and I was hungry.  I went and got some dinner.  Since it was night when I was finished I wandered back over to see if I could get some photos of the Brandenburg gate at night.

FYI: Pink Killer (the beer) isn’t very good.

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