Englisher Garten

Since it was another great weather day I decided to check out the Englisher Garten.  I should have planned on a bicycle because there was a ton of walking.

On my way there I saw horses and a buggy probably on their way to Oktoberfest.  I’ve seen a few of them around town to advertise for the brewery.  I believe these are the same ones that were in the parade at the beginning of Oktoberfest.  Also found a drunk guy passed out against a car (hopefully his).

One of the attractions of the garden is the surfing.  There are a few spots where there are man made waves and surfers line up to surf it.  I think this “river” is entirely man made.

I wandered through the garden for a while and eventually found the Chinese Tower.  It’s surrounded by a biergarten so I decided to stop in and have one (Maß).

After I was done with that more wandering around the park.  Since it was a nice day there were a lot of people about.  I eventually stumbled upon a second biergarten (darn the bad luck).  Why not have another?

At this point it was getting late.  I started to wander back into town.  I was told there was a festival going on and I wanted to see if I could find it.  Luckily I had been to the area before and found it relatively easily.  I didn’t stay there late as I have an early(ish) bus to catch in the morning.

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