River Bike Ride

My host had the day off so she invited me to go out for a bike ride along the Isar river.  She had heard that there was a jazz band playing in one of the biergartens and we both decided we wanted to see them play.  I headed to the train station to rent a bike and then met up with her.

We rode along the river for a while until we came to the path for the biergarten.  I wasn’t warned that it was up the side of a mountain.  We ended up walking but we finally made it.  We stopped and listened to the band for a while and had a beer and some snacks before heading out.

Once we left the biergarten we headed towards the English Garden.  We traveled up the river again (the opposite side from the city) until we got to the garden.  Of course we stopped there and had another beverage.  Since we got a late start to the day and my bike had to be returned before dark we didn’t stay long.  We took a sightseeing path back through the city and I returned the bike.  My legs were definitely sore from the trip.

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