Train to Munich

Up early this morning.  My train left Berlin at 6:30AM.  I was already (mostly) packed so I just had to shower and head out.  Of course while I was trying to be quiet the dog started barking and I know I woke others up.  I left the hosts a note and was on my way.

Getting to the train station was easy using the S-Bahn.  I found the gate with no problem.  The thing I couldn’t figure out was where my seat was.  When the train arrived I asked one of the train attendants where to go.  They got me on the correct car/wagon.  Now I had no idea how to figure out which seat was mine.  I saw little signs that denoted a seat was reserved but I had no idea how to tell them apart.  I felt like an idiot when I asked someone and they pointed out the numbers were right about the seat.  I finally found mine and settled in for the 6 hour trip.  Since I was up early I tried to catch some sleep.

When we got to Munich you could tell Oktoberfest was in full swing.  There were dirndls and lederhosen everywhere and I hadn’t even gotten out of the train station yet.

I stopped to get a map of the city and I was on my way to the next place I was staying.  Of course I missed the bus stop, and then I had the wrong address.  It took me longer than expected to get there but I finally made it.

Once I got settled in I wandered around the town for a bit to check things out and get something to eat.

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