Around Munich

Didn’t really have any plans for today nor do I know the city so I took the day to just wander around for a bit.  Since I’m so close to Oktoberfest I found where it was.  I didn’t really do anything there since I’ll be back later.

Lots of walking as I just wanted to try and figure out where things were and what there was to do.

My host was planning on going to Oktoberfest tonight so I asked if I could go along.  She wanted to see a band play in one of the tents.  We went to the “Old” section which is supposed to be more traditional.  Since it was a weeknight we were able to walk in and eventually found some seats.  A thing to know about Oktoberfest is you have to have a seat to be served.  We ordered beers and I ordered Pumpkin soup which was awesome.  My host went off to dance and I stayed at the table where I met some new friends and they even bought me a beer (10 Euros each)!

After the tent we were in closed we headed off to another tent where there was more dancing and singing.  It was a mix between American songs and German songs.  Once that place closed it was off to a local bar. Luckily it was just around the corner from where I am staying so once we left there it was just a short walk home.  It was definitely a long day.

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