Another great weather day (for the most part) so I was outside again.  I decided I’d check out Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof.  It’s basically an abandoned airport that has been turned into a giant park.  I was told you could actually get into the old terminal but I couldn’t find a way in.  I did wander around the airfield a bunch though.  I started off looking for a bicycle rental place but I couldn’t find one.  Instead I found a Biergarten.  I decided to relax a bit and enjoy the beer.  The people there were doing all sorts of things from sports to running to flying kites, even minigolf.  After I finished my beer I wandered around and took some pics before I headed to check out the music fest.

I headed over the check out the Berlin Festival (book your tickets Joe, we’re going next year).  I figured it would be a short walk but I was wrong.  When I got there not much was going on as they hadn’t really started for the night but I saw a few things going on a local bars around the arena.

It was getting late in the evening and I wanted to grab something to eat before I went to watch the fireworks.  I wandered around Neukölln for a bit and found a ton of restaurants that all looked good.  I decided on some pasta since I was pretty hungry.  I chilled out for a bit and took it easy since I’ve been on my feet non-stop since I arrived.

Once I was done with dinner it was time to head over to Olympiastadion to watch some fireworks I heard about.  I didn’t know much about what was going on but I figured I’d get more details when I got there.  When I arrived I found out entrance was 43 Euros and I’m just too cheap for that.  While I was wandering around I noticed a large amount of people heading to one side of the staduim so I followed.  It took to me another entrance but I also saw people finding spots and putting chairs up.  I decided to grab a seat and see if I could see anything.  For free seats the view was great.  You couldn’t really hear the music and some of the stuff was a bit to low to see but other than that it was great.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I saw the show and was ready to leave but no one else was really going anywhere so I stuck around.  It rained for a few minutes, which I was not expecting, and that sucked because now I was wet and a bit chilly but soon after the second show started.  While we were under the little bit of shelter (the beer vendor’s cart) I learned more about the event.  It’s Pyronale and is held yearly.  The multiple shows were different countries in a competition.  It turned out to be pretty awesome for a free show.  After all that excitement I just headed home.  Might take it easy tomorrow.  I’m pretty sore.

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