Teirgarten and Alexanderplatz

Since the weather was great again today (actually slightly hot) I decided to spend it outside and wander through the Tiergarten.  It’s like Central Park and has multiple monuments and statues throughout it.  In the middle(ish) is the Victory Column.  I didn’t realize until I got to it that you could actually go into it and climb to the top.  It was a bit tricky to figure out how to get to it since it’s in the middle of a very large intersection (traffic circle?).  I finally found a tunnel entrance that took me to the center of the intersection.  I figured it would be free since I didn’t think there was much to it but it was 3 Euros. When I got in I realized how big the thing was.  There is a decent sized exhibit when you enter and then you can climb the stairs to the first viewing area (where the red columns are).  Then it’s a lot more steps to the top.  The view at the top is great though and it was much cooler than in a cement stairwell.

I figured I would be through the Tiergarten in no time but I actually spent a few hours wandering through it.  By the time I got through it all it was early evening.  It was suggested I check out Tierpark (not to be confused with Teirgarten) but it was too late for that.  Instead I headed back to Alexanderplatz.  Since it was Friday evening there was a good chance that there would be stuff going on.  I had a beer (or two) and watched some of the street performers.  They had all sorts of things going from musicians, to chalk artists on the street, and even a bunjee jump thing from one of the tallest buildings.  It was definitely more active than when I strolled through the first time.  After that I decided to wander through the city a bit until I came across some public transit and found my way home.

Once I got home I did book a plane ticket though.  I’m flying from Berlin to Cologne to visit some friends.  Should be interesting battling the airport again.

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  1. Barbara Fisher

    It seems you had a great day and are seeing a great deal of Berlin. It also appears you have mastered the transportation issues. I envy you having the time to see all that the city has to offer. How is the food? Have you been to a beer garden or grocery store?