Yes the rumors are correct.  Oktoberfest has giant beers, giant pretzels, and LOTS of people.  I heard the estimate for this year was 7 million people.  Since you can’t get into any of the tents or biergartens on the weekend I decided a week night would let me get in and check out the sites.

All the tents are filled with people singing and dancing.  It’s a giant party.  Waitresses are shuffling food and beer back and forth amongst the crowd.  Even on a week night it’s almost impossible to get a seat inside a tent.  Getting a seat is important as that is the only way you can be served.

After I popped into a few tents I decided to just hang out in the biergartens.  It was much easier there to find a seat and hence get a beer.  I opted to get some food while I was wandering around rather than in the biergarten.  Although the food in the tents sounded good it was VERY expensive.

Other than that I met some people and wandered around a bit.  It’s pretty much a giant fair and party mixed into one.  There are definitely a lot of drunk people as well which are always fun to watch.

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