Decided to start the day off by wandering through KaDeWe.  It’s pretty much a big department store.  The best part of the shopping center is the food floor.  It has multiple little restaurants where about 10 people can sit around a little kitchen.  They have all sorts of food you can order: German, American, Italian, Indian, Vegetarian, and others.  If you don’t want to eat there then the floor is also a big grocery store.  It includes everything from basic day to day needs to high end cheeses and wines.

After I was done with the store I headed over to the Pergamon Museum.  It’s located on Museum Island with a few other museums.  I wandered through the museum for a while checking out the Pergamon Alter and the Ishtar Gate.  The museum houses lots of artifacts from jewelry to dishes to pieces of houses and palaces.

After wandering around the museum I was hungry so it was off to find some food and a beer.

Extra credit for whoever can tell me what German dish I had for dinner (check out the photo).

3 Responses to “KaDeWe/Pergamon”

  1. A trip like this is definitely on my bucket list. Just the for and beer would make it worthwhile.

  2. Barbara Fisher

    I think you ate liver dumplings. I think they are popular and I know they are good.