Berliner Dom

Sleep was good!  I was so tired last night I fell asleep before I got to meet my host’s husband plus I slept in this morning although I set my alarm for 8AM.  I was well rested though and ready for a day of adventure.  I did some planing and figured I’d spend a day on the east side of town.  I wanted to check out Unter den Linden, Museuminsel, Berliner Dom, and Alexanderplatz.  I got all my stuff together and headed to the S-Bahn station.  Got my ticket and was on the train to Brandenburg Tor where I would start my day.  About half way through my train ride there is an announcement over the loudspeaker.  I’m not really sure what was said but I think it was something about construction.  I didn’t think anything of it and kept riding.  A few stops before I wanted to get off the train starts going back from where it came.  I figure the announcement I heard was telling people that but I pull out my map and start looking at my options.  I find an alternate route but will have to change trains twice.  No big deal.  I make the first change with no problem, and the second with no issues as well.  I’m back on track (no pun intended) until my train comes to it’s final stop 2 stops before I wanted to get off.  At this point I decided I had enough with trains and I’d just walk the rest of the way.

I wandered over to the Brandenburg Tor to start my day.  By now it was almost one and I was hungry so I picked up some currywurst and had some lunch.  A quick bite to eat and then back on my path.  Heading down Unter den Linden you’re surrounded by embassies on both sides of the road.  It’s an interesting site to see.  I kept wandering down the road till I made it to the Berliner Dom.  A few Euros and I was in to see it.

It was spectacular and the crypt was a bit creepy.  A few hundred steps up and you could get to the “gallery”, a balcony that wrapped around the top of the building.  It had great views of the city and the garden at the entrance.

After a few hundred steps down I was on my way to check out Alexanderplatz.  I got lost on the way but finally got to where I was going.  It’s a big open square and there were a few vendors and performers throughout.  There were a lot of people wandering through and many sitting at the fountain relaxing.  It wasn’t overly busy but I can imagine it’s much busier on weekends.

I decided to start wandering back towards the Brandenburg gate so I could get some food and head back to the train station (the one I originally wanted to go to).  I got lost in the process and ended up passing by the Berlin Concert hall.  It looked like there was some event going on based on the red carpet and formal wear of the attendees.

I found where I was on the map and started back toward the train station all the while looking for a place to eat.  I stumbled upon this small restaurant not far from the train station.  I stopped in and ordered some dinner.  After a salad and a few beers it was off to catch the train.  I think they stop running at 10PM so I wanted to make sure I had everything figured out early.  No issues getting back and when I arrived I got to meet Alexander (my host’s husband).

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  1. Barbara Fisher

    Looks like you are having a good time. One more day and you will be a pro at getting around on public transportation. Have a currywurst for me!